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You are our goldmine workers social recruiting employer branding

You are our goldmine!

You are our goldmine! After reading this, you probably think that you're going to end up in a company where employees...

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Karakuri Kaizen component for a low tech and green factory

Back to a simpler time

Back to a simpler time   Most people hear the words “production”, “assembly” or “manufacturing”, and immediately start to think of large robotic...

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International Labour Organization are celebrating the 100 years of health and safety

100 years of health and safety

100 years of health and safety 100 years of the International Labour Organization The International Labour Organization celebrates its 100 years of existence...

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Woman engineer smiling

Changes in industrial mindsets

Changes in industrial mindsets   The car manufacturing field is changing like never before. New technology has already unravelled trades such as entertainment,...

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Senior engineer smiling

The rise of seniors

The rise of seniors   In the European Union during the past decades, life expectancy and the proportion of seniors over 65 years...

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