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Industry 4.0: back to automated mechanical systems.

AIO sees the industry differently. It reinvents the vision of innovation and shows its Karakuri Kaizen®.

When we talk about Industry 4.0, we imagine production lines equipped with cobots, operators equipped with augmented reality glasses, or even exoskeletons enabling them to lighten the loads they carry. At the AIO company, two AGVs (automated guided vehicles) revolve around a simpler automated mechanical system. The company calls them “Karakuri Kaizen“, literally “continuously improving mechanics” in Japanese. This name also refers to the small traditional Japanese automatons, the karakuri ningyo. “We have taken up the principle of these dolls: the equipment works without additional energy thanks to the use of mechanical tricks”, explains Cyril Dané, CEO of the AIO company. “These equipments are real passive robots, using no electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic energy to generate movement and assist the movement of a line operator in the assembly industry”.

These “zero energy” mechanical solutions make use of the gravity of the transported products, the elasticity of the materials, magnets or the energy existing on the chain. Like here at AIO with the AGV. For the company, the industry is tending towards these mechanisms. The first Harakuri Kaizen was installed in 2016 at Renault in Flins: “we met them in Japan” amuses the CEO of AIO. And he is not the only manufacturer to be convinced by these robots: “For 2050, Toyota is imagining this type of system everywhere in their factories”, affirms Cyril Dané.

In video, an example of the Karakuri Kaizen proposed by AIO :

by Séverine Fontaine

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