The tech for good, that is the future

Tech for good

The tech for good, that is the future

“Tech for good” means to use technology for the good of humanity. This idea is very close to the terminology in the Google Inc. code of conduct, which says “Do the right thing”.

A collective awareness

The dynamic of “tech for good” inspires people to have a positive impact on others and to put society concerns at the center of debates. It is a matter of collective awareness, which represents a lever for accomplishing social objectives.

While technology today may sound like a successful economy, maybe tomorrow it can demonstrate something else. That economic profitability and the social impacts are compatible and complementary.

National scale

The actors of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) in France adopt common principles of solidarity and social utility. Since the start of these technological developments, they have been investing in “tech for good”, which are digital innovations that could support social actions. However, so far these actions are carried out very locally.

ESS is presented with many new opportunities, With the development and notoriety of sharing technologies such as cloud and IoT. In France, ESS holds a strong position in the economy. It represents 10% of the GDP. It refers to 200,000 companies employing 2.38 million people. These people represent 12.7% of private jobs in France.

Growth in sight

The social and solidarity economy sector is growing. Since the 2000s, it has experienced an increase of + 24% in terms of employment. It is developing fast and the merit of term is not negligible for this sector.

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