Paris Agreement: how Karakuri Kaizen® can help?

Paris Agreement: how Karakuri Kaizen® can help?

This agreement is the first-ever global and legal climate change agreement, adopted at the Paris climate conference in December 2015. Signed by 194 countries, its main reason is to set out a global framework to avoid dangerous climate change in the next years. Three of the most important objectives are:

  • Reach global emissions peak as soon as possible
  • Undertake fast reductions in accordance with the best science available, in order to balance the emissions with the removals in the second half of the century
  • Increase the efforts to reduce emissions

Karakuri Kaizen® and the Paris Agreement

Karakuri Kaizen® aims to contribute to a more sustainable industrial society, developing flexible and eco-friendly logistic loops. They consume little raw materials and none energy, becoming an efficient way of reducing factories’ CO2 emissions through daily improvements. You must be wondering how and the answer is simple: by using natural principals, such as gravity and elasticity. They create smart kinematic and energy reserve, so it doest not require additional energy to operate or move. Moreover, it prevents waste. It is an equipment adjustable to eliminate unnecessary movement, function or steps. So that everything is developed to reach its highest performance.


This no waste principle expands to the whole method of production, in a way that makes people in the process also get involved in the concept. It means that, not only the equipments help reducing the waste and the CO2 emission, but also the people. When the operators also get involved, it creates a whole new way of working and thinking. More eco-friendly, more responsible and more future-oriented.

We believe in an industry of the future more productive, more human, more ecological and more frugal. We are part of the change to a better tomorrow. What about you?

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