Are you evolving? So are companies!

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Are you evolving? So are companies!

Continuous personal development is the key to company growth. I’m sure you’re thinking, ” Another article on production methods where I’m going to have another history recap…” Here is a problem to fix, don’t be apprehensive, improve yourself, use Lean to blossom and don’t miss any more opportunities to learn by believing that you already know everything!

Where does this idea come from?

At a time when the business world is in constant evolution and always in search of new notions and ideas, one of them stands out strongly for its innovative concept that puts the human element forward and rejects the archaic methods of aging companies.

“Lean” is the subtle combination of personal development on all levels and the success of a company.

How does this work?

This new working method is an alloy, like graphene, which is both solid and flexible. It is based on a principle of personal involvement of those involved. Indeed, this method uses introspection through problem-solving methods in particular. Stopping to think of a solution instead of avoiding or bypassing it, are at the root of this evolution of humans and companies. By solving a problem, you will no longer have it in the future and more importantly, you will be better skilled at solving it faster and more efficiently.

Lean does not focus solely on solving problems as they occur. It is about improving workspaces and therefore productivity, from individual offices to larger organizational problems. Moreover, these major problems are not studied by a single design office, but by all the people in the company, regardless of the department, which greatly improves teamwork and therefore work efficiency between different departments.

How can we benefit from this?

“Ideology” within a company means ” the question of profit and the quantifiable”. What is the real added value of this technique? Although it does not seem clear at first glance, the Lean method is very easily measurable in terms of benefits.

Problem solving as soon as it arises and the contribution of all the company’s protagonists to its resolution leads to a continuous improvement of all actors, as opposed to decisions taken in an isolated / specialized office. In this way, each person within this approach progresses personally and allows the company to progress since this knowledge will be used to train other members of the company through functional relationships.

What sort of durability does it have?

This method, which appears to be impractical in the sense that it is based on the willingness of workers to constantly improve and reflect on their mistakes, is in fact very sustainable. Since everyone counts in the improvement process, personal satisfaction and the feeling of belonging and achievement are very high. This creates a strong interest in the worker, which encourages them to always want to improve and to solve all problems little by little.

The real advantage of this corporate culture lies in trust at all levels. This element is the foundation of any lasting relationship, whether it is between the hierarchy and the employees within the company, or between customers and the company. Thus, a sustainable construction that is constantly improving and can deal with any type of problem in record time and without internal confusion can only be sustainable.

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